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Fast Knowledge Base

Easy to browse

Typo-tolerant instant search
Clean user interface
Mobile and tablet ready

Knowledge base frontend
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User-Friendly Editor

No bullshit, it just works!

Copy-pasted images
Auto-saved as you type new!
Multilingual articles new!

Help Center Tool - the WYSIWYG editor
Proudly powered by Froala Editor 

Update Screenshots

Tag & Replace

Update any screenshot on-the-fly
Tag outdated screenshots
Copy and paste screenshot URL

Easily manage your knowledge base's images
All images hosted on Amazon CloudFront 


Search Queries & Feedbacks

Search queries

Analytics and search queries
Superpowered by Mixpanel 

Track Customers

How are they browsing?

Who is reading
When were they reading
Tag your VIP customers

Who is browsing your knowledge base?


Your designer Helpman

Your logo and favicon
Customize all HTML and CSS
Translate your theme new!

Powerful HTML/CSS editor for your knowledge base
Superpowered by Liquid markup 


An awesome toolbox

Use your own domain with a subdomain
… or even domain.com/support
Protect with a password new!

Settings for your Help Center
Payments processed by Stripe 


SEO, anyone?

Search-engine friendly

  • Manage 301 redirect rules
  • Edit meta titles/descriptions
  • Edit URL slugs
  • Serve your knowledge base from a subdirectory instead of a subdomain
  • Self-managed canonical URLs
  • Robots will love your fast and responsive knowledge base!

Aloha, Helpman!

Manage multiple languages

  • Translate categories and articles
  • Translate your theme
  • Fallback to default language


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